Integrating Acupuncture
with Western Medicine

Clayton Shiu is at the forefront of integrating acupuncture with Western medicine for best patient care and powerful outcomes. With qualifications in both Western and Chinese medicine, including under the tutelage of the ‘Father of Acupuncture’ and stroke specialist, Dr Shi Xue Min, Clayton is passionate about introducing advancements in acupuncture practice and research in the United States. Learn more about Clayton.

Acupuncture is a key technique of traditional Chinese medicine that has been developed for almost 5,000 years to effectively treat a wide range of health conditions, including stroke and cerebral disorders.

Learn more about acupuncture’s role in Western medicine.


Scientific research and continuous advancements in acupuncture technique are transforming healthcare and providing effective treatments for a wide range of conditions.


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Houston we have Lift Off- I recently finished my 2 day lecture at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Continuing Acupuncture Education Conference. The conference attracted participants from many southern States including Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and of course Texas.

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In 2015, scientist Tu Youyou became the first ever Chinese citizen to win a Nobel Prize for medicine when she was awarded for discovering a revolutionary therapy against malaria based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine.


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